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April 5, 2018

Dear Patients,

As you may already know, I have been dealing with some serious medical issues the past few months and am unable to continue my practice as of May 11, 2018. Dr. Martye will be retiring to take care of me (as she always has).

We are referring our patients to Dr. Nora Burns, DO, who is joining Metropolitan Behavioral Services.  They offer full service psychiatric and mental health out patient care.  Contact information and website can be found below.

Dr. Nora Burns, DO
Metropolitan Behavioral Services
4741 Atlantic Blvd Suite C
Jacksonville, Flordia 32207
Office: 904-562-1391
Fax:  904-374-3057

Please be sure that your medications are current before that time.  If you do not choose our referred facility, start looking for another psychiatrist.  The staff may be able to suggest psychiatrists who are accepting new patients.  Baptist Medical Center, Orange Park Medical Center, and Memorial Medical Center has sizable psychiatric staffs.  Also contact your insurer to see which psychiatrists are in their provider network.

If you have a clinical emergency after May 11, 2018 but prior to finding another physician, please call “911” or go to your nearest emergency room.

Since the records of your case are confidential, we will require your written authorization to release your information to another physician or to you.  For this reason, I am in process of sending an authorization form to you via postal mail.  Please complete the authorization form and return it to this office before June 1, 2018.  While I will not longer be available, the staff will continue to be working at the office through June 1, 2018 to help you with this transition.  The charge for copying records is $1.00 per page for the first 14 pages and .50 per page from 15 pages on.

If you have not been seen in the past seven years your records have been shredded according to Florida State law. 

For active patients, records will be keep for seven years from the date of your last appointment.  To access these after June 1, 2018, please note that there will be no one at the office to answer your phone calls or faxes however you may use the office email or website to request records.

I recognize that my retirement and changing physicians may be stressful.  Both Dr. Martye and I want to personally thank you for trusting us with your health and well being.  I encourage you to see continuity of care by accessing a new physician.  Your primary care physician may be able to refill your prescription temporarily, but that is entirely up to him or her.  If you are a patient prescribed buprenorphine (Subutex or Suboxone) the following psychiatrists have the required certifications to prescribe it:  Dr. Pulido 513-3240 and Dr. DeCarvalho 527-8777. 


Robert E. Groble M.D.

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